Wireless Security: Which standard should I use for maximum security?

Security Graphic

With the advent of wireless security, a variety of security standards have been developed and used. Each standard was developed to plug some vulnerability in its predecessor. As a result, a number of security options are available to the customer today. Some of the less secure and deprecated standards are also available to maintain backward compatibility with older Wi-Fi equipment.

When installing wireless networking equipment (Access Points or Routers) in their homes, customers should use the most secure standards for their home network. In this blog, l will introduce the various encryption standards available and recommend the most secure standard when setting up a home network.

Let’s take a quick look at the evolution of wireless encryption standards in chronological order. These standards are also listed from being least secure to most secure:

Wireless Security Blog

When setting up your home network, GainSpan recommends that you use WPAv2 standard on your home networks and use a long passphrase. When using WPAv2 with a strong passphrase, chances are very slim of a hacker breaking into your home network.

Will you use WPAv2 on your home Access Point / Router to secure your home network from potential hackers?

Please let us know your comments.


Author: Rohit Bhola

Product Marketing Manager at GainSpan Corp. I am experienced in Technical Marketing, Pre and Post-Sales suport and global account management. Experience in IoT wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (Classic and BLE), ZigBee.

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